Monday, April 17, 2023

2:00 pm
2:45 pm
Ocean Beach, Level 3
Higher Education
Adult Consumer Learning
Equality + Access

Moving Up and Moving Forward: Advancing Economic Mobility for Adult Learners

"Feeling the pressure of a narrowing pool of traditional students, more educators have been turning their eye to the adult learner market. According to Lightcast’s study on 270,000 adult learners, institutions that provide adult learner-friendly programs and can promote the economic success of individuals in communities in their regions while at the same time increasing their own enrollment numbers. Data show that increasing enrollment among adult learners is where skills-based education supply and demand conveniently cross paths, with a potential dramatic impact on the 96 million adults in the U.S. with a high school degree who did not complete higher educationm and who could benefit from a 22% greater chance of upward mobility in their careers if they choose to return to school.Join our session to learn:- Which degrees and majors offers the most upward mobility for adult learners- What potential career transitions and pathways for adult learners look like- What average annual salary gains adult learners from certain industries have seen after returning to school- How to use this information in your adult learner marketing and enrollment strategies"