Wednesday, April 19, 2023

10:30 am
10:50 am
Harbor A, Level 2
AI: Software is Eating the World, AI is its Teeth
Emerging Technology
Equality + Access

Yes, You Can Design Your Own AI Today

Recent breakthroughs in AI represent a step-change in computing. However, creating with AI remains out of the reach for most people.

We’ll introduce Playlab, a platform that makes it easy for educators and students to build AI powered tools for themselves. Educators have used Playlab at High Tech High, as part of the Deeper Learning Community, and at national nonprofits like PBLWorks to design tools for their specific contexts. This includes a project-idea generator, a driving-question creator, and IEP compliance tools.

Hackers also use Playlab to build faster and more effectively. They’ve used it for multi-player prompt engineering & to collaborate more effectively with educators and students.

Join us to see what you can create with AI.