Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Workforce Workshops
Cityview A, 32nd Floor
Professional Development

Let Learning Fly: Constructing a Flywheel of Continuous Learning

Today, learning teams need to make every moment with the learner matter. Do you want your learning department to make an impact? Do you want to take the learning culture of your organization to the next level?. Do you want to deliver transformational learning? Now is the time to start thinking about how to create a culture of continuous learning in a physically distributed workforce. Join Andrew Barry and Phylicia Jones as they share how they partnered to elevate and scale the leadership training at PagerDuty with the Curious Lion Learning Flywheel Method. Andrew is the founder of Curious Lion and Phylicia is the Senior Director of Global Talent Development at PagerDuty. The Learning Flywheel Method is a cohort-based approach to learning designed to encourage real-world action, reflection and peer-to-peer sharing, while leveraging a virtual experience that minimizes Zoom fatigue. The Flywheel is ideal for training needs that are inherently cohort-based: think new hire orientation, new manager onboarding, and new product education. In this session you will learn how to: Design learning communities Identify skills gaps Curate learning journey groups Facilitate learning connections Encourage deliberate practice Since August 2020, PagerDuty has used the Learning Flywheel Method to ignite a passion for learning in VPs and managers across their organization. Have you ever wondered how you can make learning driven by the learner and avoid the Learning Content Trap? Have you ever wondered how to create a human-centered learning culture? In this session we’ll answer these questions: we’ll show you PagerDuty’s results, and how to implement elements of the Flywheel in your organization.