Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Harbor F, Level 2

Mind the Gap – Startup Nation’s Call for Urgent Creative Solutions

Israel’s hi-tech industry keeps soaring. The first half of 2021 set new records - 9 IPO’s, 20 new unicorns (including EdTech’s first unicorn – JoyTunes), and a whopping $5.4 billion invested in hi-tech.

Israel’s hi-tech sector makes up about 10% of the workforce, with the newly-elected government declaring an ambitious 15% goal. This double-edged sword is expected to dramatically improve Israel’s economy on the one hand, but on the other to present a major challenge on local industry and social equality.

The pandemic has significantly widened the country’s socio-demographic gaps. Israel’s local industries and SMB’s were affected the most. The post-pandemic workforce is in urgent need of vocational training, re-skilling and a boost in productivity in order to reduce income disparities. Likewise, the hi-tech industry is lacking thousands of engineers and software developers in a “demand only” market while Universities and Colleges are maxed out. Doing “more-of-the-same” will not meet the ever-increasing demand for skilled workers.

Join our session to discover the innovation in the Afeka Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering applied to the education of their students. Learn how Cybint brings tech bootcamps to a new level. Meet promising startups - ClickTo & CirQlive.

This is not another “Future-Of” session.  Join us and share your thoughts.