Monday, August 9, 2021

Harbor F, Level 2
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Is Coding an Essential Modern Fluency?

Join Mike Smith of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences as he gathers this panel of pioneers making coding accessible to all. What powerful possibilities for future innovation unfold as knowledge of coding is not the rarity but the assumed core skill? Are there further obstacles to confront in making this vision of a coding-literate populace a reality? Tynker guides children to become active creators of technology, not just passive users. Tynker sees the ability to code as allowing children to make their ideas a reality. SureStart builds early opportunity pipelines for a highly diverse tech workforce through technical skills training and project-based learning for high school and college students from communities underrepresented in AI. Replit makes programming more accessible through powerful yet simple tools and platforms for educators, learners, and developers. Our panel of experts shares experiences in this exciting field.