Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Harbor F, Level 2
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Innovative Methods of Education: Tik Tok, Influencers, Gaming, and More

Meagan Loyst of early-stage venture capital firm Lerer Hippeau leads this timely panel addressing the new trends in education. AD, Education is certainly changed for good; see how these new dynamics of our times have changed education for the better. Creators, gamers, and artists educators are taking their expertise to classrooms on the web and reaching students around the world at a scale never seen before. How are influencers, TikTok and gaming influencing education? What are the ways teachers will reimagine their role and the way they deliver content to keep up? Are we seeing the new era of the teacher influencer?  It’s an exciting time, with students as the beneficiaries. How can we marry the best parts of BC learning with our AD delivery to help schools and educators move forward, reaching students where they are—online, and on TikTok.