Wednesday, April 19, 2023

9:50 am
10:30 am
America’s Cup C/D, Level 4
Equality + Access

Identifying High-Quality Mathematics Materials for Multilingual Learners

High-quality instructional materials can help bridge the language gap and provide the necessary support for language acquisition, making the educational process more inclusive and effective. In this session, Jeff Livingston, CEO of EdSolutions and Co-Founder of The Center for Education Market Dynamics (CEMD), will host a panel discussion with educational experts, including Eric Hirsch, Executive Director of EdReports and Crystal Gonzales, Executive Director of English Learners Success Forum (ELSF), highlighting the importance of high-quality mathematics instructional materials for addressing the linguistic and instructional needs of multilingual learners (MLLs).

The panelists will share the recent joint work of their organizations, completed in collaboration with EdSolutions and Pivot Learning, in establishing criteria by which math instructional materials can be reviewed for supporting MLLs. They will delve further into the topic by exploring the impact that evaluation of, and access to, high-quality instructional materials has on MLLs, as well as the K-12 education landscape at large. It is through these discussion points that the panelists will begin to answer the questions of why math? why now? to help further illuminate the critical importance of high-quality instructional materials, specifically in math, and why this is an urgent need nationally. To round out the discussion, this panel will provide guidance to various market stakeholders who may seek to mobilize around this call for high-quality math instructional materials to ensure success for multilingual learners.