Tuesday, April 18, 2023

11:00 am
11:45 am
Cortez Hill B, Level 3
Emerging Technologies
Equality + Access

How K–12 Districts Are Closing the Achievement Gap, Accelerating Learning, & “Catching Up” Students

Seasoned education advisor Christian Rhodes will lead a conversation about how K–12 schools and districts are closing the achievement gap, accelerating learning, and helping students “catch up” with grade-level curricula.

This interactive session will address:

- New instructional technology solutions that schools have adopted in the past several years
- Role of instructional technology in supporting teachers
- How districts have adapted learning goals to address evolving student and school needs
- Strategies to drive student adoption of instructional technologies
- Initiatives to ensure that equitable support reaches students who need it most
- Impact of online tutoring in advancing student success
- Quality of measurements for assessing the efficacy and impact of new learning tools
- Use of data for intervention protocols and curriculum development
- Long-term impact of instructional technology utilization on workforce competencies and success
- Predictions about the future of instructional technology development and adoption

In dialog with educators and learning experts, Rhodes will chart a path forward for closing learning gaps and providing equitable student support through the strategic use of instructional technology. Participation throughout the session is welcome and encouraged.