Monday, April 17, 2023

11:00 am
11:45 am
Solana Beach A, Level 3
Higher Education
Workforce Learning
Emerging Technologies

Hands-On Experience with Learning and Employment Records

Corporate practitioners, academic organizations and subject matter experts will discuss the value of Learning and Employment Records (LERs) as a tool to support the adoption of digital, interoperable, skills-based credentials for employees and to support students in finding their path into careers and jobs. Our session will explore how WGU, IBM and others are accelerating the journey towards a national skills-based infrastructure using Learning and Employment records.

The session will address:
• What is an LER, and why are LERs important for making it easier to connect students, employees and job seekers with jobs, education, and career growth?
• How have our organizations used LERs in hiring and advancing talent and supporting students?
• What impact have we seen so far?
• What is working well and what has been challenging with implementing LERs?
• What are practical actions attendees of the session should take?