Wednesday, April 19, 2023

10:40 am
11:20 am
America’s Cup C/D, Level 4
Higher Education
Equality + Access
Building and Investing in EdTech

Equitable Tech Solutions For The Sake of Scaling Transformation at Higher Education Institutions

Technology has become an integral part of higher education, with many institutions relying on digital tools and platforms to support teaching, learning, and administrative processes. However, as technology continues to shape how we live and work, it's important to consider how it can promote equity and inclusion in higher education. This panel session will explore the role of technology in transforming higher education institutions into more equitable and inclusive spaces. We will discuss how technology can be leveraged to increase access to education, support student success, and promote institutional transformation by streamlining administrative processes and building capacity in low-resource spaces. Our panelists will bring various perspectives, including educators, technologists, and intermediaries, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of using technology to transform higher education institutions. Join us for this insightful panel session to explore how equitable tech solutions can support transforming higher education institutions into more inclusive, equitable, and innovative spaces.