Monday, April 17, 2023

2:00 pm
2:40 pm
Cityview A, 32nd Floor
K-12 Transformation
Emerging Technologies

Empowering Your Students with AI Education: The "What, Why, and How" for K-12 District Leaders

Don't miss this 40-minute interactive learning workshop for superintendents, administrators, and other education leaders. The session will feature a brief ~10-minute "introduction to AI" presentation followed by a 30-minute interactive breakout where participants will roll up their sleeves and complete a series of short ~5-minute AI Snapshot activities from aiEDU's free curriculum. These activities will serve three purposes: to show them how easy and accessible AI education can be when approached as a topic of debate and discussion around AI ethics; to spark lively conversation around cutting-edge topics about artificial intelligence and its use in the real world; and to provide them with free content that they can take back to their districts and provide to teachers to implement without any PD required. Additionally, aiEDU will provide a limited number of AI Advocacy Kits—'AI in a box' packages with free curricula, classroom posters, and other materials. This session is especially exciting because we'll be able to track the uptake of professional development opportunities and curriculum implementations to have measurable outcomes tied to the ASU+GSV Summit.