Tuesday, April 5, 2022

2:10 pm
2:50 pm
Interactive Sessions
Vista B, 32nd Floor
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Doing the Work! Interrogating How Racism Shows Up in School Based Practices

In 2020, we experienced an extremely rare moment of national consciousness; people from all walks of life had deep insight into experiences of oppression and marginalization. Some might say we had a summer of ‘racial reckoning’. Shortly after, thousands of school communities began to explicity name that they aspired to be anti-racist. Of course, there were many school communities already on this path -- some of which had anti-racism ingrained in their DNA -- but for many, this was new work and they were looking for support in understanding how racism manifests in schools and how to start doing the work to undo racism. Even in the face of anti-CRT waves crossing the country, many are still pushing to do the critical work of leaning into anti-racism. This session focuses on a few key themes that school communities and surrounding ecosystem parties can reflect upon to interrogate how racism shows up in their day to day school based practices and their broader policies, and use as a starting point for moving towards anti-racist learning environments.