Tuesday, April 18, 2023

4:10 pm
4:50 pm
Coronado E, Level 4
Global Higher Education
Higher Education

Dealing with the Demographic Cliff: Survival Strategies for Higher Ed

Higher education is facing a variety of demographic challenges and dynamics. Countries with mature higher education systems and aging populations are grappling to re-think at minimum structural inefficiencies in the admissions process and at most dramatically re-evaluating how to increase access and improve outcomes for a wide variety of historically under-represented and under-supported students. The implications of these changes are far reaching for institutions and the organizations that support them. In this session, we will discuss a variety of questions including, for example: • How are institutions changing their admissions processes/policies to increase access to new students? • What are the needs and expectations of under-represented students? • What types of new capacities are institutions needing to build in this environment? • How do supporting organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs that partner with institutions evolve in this environment?