Monday, April 17, 2023

1:00 pm
1:45 pm
Mission Beach C, Level 3
Emerging Technologies
Equality + Access

Building Research-Backed Gamified Edu Tools

Join the team behind Giant Steps, a brand-new gamified digital learning experience, as they describe how they built a product that 100% of teachers say drives engagement, fosters a positive classroom environment and is easy to use. With nearly 50% of students who use Giant Steps in class continuing to use the product on their own time each week, the Giant Steps team will discuss their approach to gamification and inclusivity, explore the application of learning science in the product development process, and share the potential for their skills taxonomy to fuel adaptive learning and precisely measure student mastery. Attendees will walk away with insight into how the team thoughtfully integrated learning science and educational research in order to maximize the efficacy of the learning experience and enable personalized interventions that accelerate student learning—all while engaging students through an energizing practice experience grounded in play.